4 Helpful Tools for Picking Colour Palettes


Did you know that 85% of consumers base their purchases on colour? It’s a huge factor in creating desire and getting your products from ‘that’s nice’ to ‘I need that!’ . Now, if you're a polymer clay hobbyist and you don’t sell your work, don’t worry, this’ll be useful to you too. 

Of course, I have to mention Pinterest. It's an amazing source for colour inspiration, but sometimes it’s nice to branch out and create colour palettes yourself. So here are 4 tools to help you along in your making process:

The Pantone Connect App

Pantone Connect is an incredible app that allows you to create and store multiple colour palettes on the go. Simply open the app, take a picture and it’ll extract colours from the image to create a collection of colours for you. The app will match your colours as close as possible to existing Pantone colours that you can save for future reference. Their ‘Trending Palettes’ feature is also a great way to get some extra inspiration and it connects to popular Adobe design programmes too!

Canva Colour Palette Generator

Canva is the go-to for so many creators with it’s easy to use features and endless templates, but they also have a whole section dedicated to colour. Similar to the Pantone app, you can upload a picture and let it generate a colour scheme for you, scroll through hundreds of colour palette ideas or type in your favourite colour to generate lots of fun options. You can even learn about colour meanings! The best part is, you can click on a colour which will automatically copy the HEX (colour) code for you, so you easily update Canva templates to match them to your latest designs.


Adobe Color 

An absolutely awesome website, Adobe Color helps you pick colour palettes based on the rules of colour theory. Simply select your colour rule from the drop down list (complimentary is my go-to), and use the colour wheel to select a palette you love! Just like the others, you can also extract colours from your photos with this website too, but you’ll need to have an account to save them. 



This fun website will have you tapping away, getting lost in its numerous colour options! Picture this, you’re on the website happily tapping away, waiting for a colour palette you love to pop up, and there it is. You love it but you think it could be a little better. What do you do? Lock your favourite colour(s) and start tapping away again! Coolors lets you keep (lock) the colours you love and will give you the best matching colour options for them. You can create collages and colour libraries, and they’ve just launched an app to make it even easier for you too! 

Clay Swatches

And lastly, a bonus colour palette idea. Our 60 colour FIMO Soft colour recipe collection has been flying off of our virtual shelves! If you’ve bought a copy or you're thinking about it, I recommend baking a little piece of each colour to keep as a reference for future palettes so that you can play around with colour ideas and see a real example of the colours together. 

And that’s it! 5 tools to help you decide your next palette. Stay tuned for more tips to help you along in your polymer clay journey.

Happy Claying xx 

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